Terms and Conditions

Passenger Information & Conditions

Because of our policy of fair trading we would like you to know and understand the terms on which you book and travel with us. To ensure that, once your booking is accepted, it is fair to you and contains no hidden or unfair conditions we have set all our terms out clearly below for your perusal. There are no other terms.


  1. Bookings are only accepted subject to these conditions.
  2. All holidays must be reserved on the Company Booking form.


A deposit must accompany the Booking Form.

No Booking form will be considered unless accompanied by the appropriate deposit.

Confirmation Of Booking

Once we have received your Booking Form and appropriate deposit we will reserve your holiday and confirmation of booking/invoice will be sent to you.

The contract between you and FERRIS HOLIDAYS LIMITED will come into force when you receive confirmation of booking or immediately if the booking is made by Credit Card when payment is confirmed. Please Note: All card transactions are subject to a 1% charge.

The Contract

The Contract will be between FERRIS HOLIDAYS LIMITED (the Company) and the person that signs the booking form (the Client).

The person signing the Booking Form warrants and confirms that:

  1. He has authority of each client whose name appears on the Booking Form to contract with the Company in accordance with these conditions.
  2. He has explained to each client that they are bound by these Conditions and has shown them to each of them.
  3. Each client in respect of whom the booking is made accepts to be bound by these conditions and has read this brochure in its entirety.
  4. The person signing the Booking Form agrees to be liable jointly and severally with all clients in respect of whom a booking is accepted for any liabilities that they may incur towards the Company under this contract.

Holiday Price

All prices quoted (including supplements) are per person for the duration stated in the price panel.

Although brochure prices are valid at the time of publication, it is possible that at the time of booking the price has increased on your chosen holiday. We reserve the right to charge the increased per person price, this will be advised when booking. We also reserve the right, without limitation, to increase or decrease the price of any advertised holiday. The correct per person price will be advised when booking.

All holiday prices quoted are based on the following exchange rates:

EURO 1.12

These were the Exchange Rates published by BBC website, November 4th, 2009.

The price of your holiday is subject to surcharges on the following items:

Government Action, currency and VAT. Even in this case we will absorb an amount equivalent to 2% of the holiday price which excludes insurance premiums and any amendment charges.

Only amounts in excess of the 2% will be surcharged but where a surcharge is payable there will be an administration charge of 50p together with an amount to cover agents commission. If this means paying more than 10% of the holiday price, you will be entitled to cancel your holiday with a full refund of all money paid except for any premium paid to us for holiday insurance and amendment charges.

Should you decide to cancel because of this you must exercise your right in writing within 14 days of the issue date printed on the invoice.

Final Invoices, will include any applicable surcharges and are guaranteed against further changes. In return for this undertaking we will not reduce prices for favourable movements in rates.

Cancellation by Client

The client may cancel the Contract by giving the Company written notice and subject to the following cancellation charges:

Notice prior to departure Percentage of holiday cost
42+ days Deposit only*
0-41 days 100%

*If you have paid in full for your holiday and your insurance has been issued and you cancel with more than 42 days notice the deposit and the insurance premium are non refundable.

No refund can be made in respect of cancellation received by us on or after date of departure.


Cancellation by The Company

All cancellations shall be made in writing and sent in the ordinary post to the person who signed the Booking Form.

The company may cancel the contract for failure to make any payment in accordance with these Conditions and this shall entitle the Company to retain ALL deposits etc.


The full price of the holiday must be paid at least eight weeks before the due date of departure; or in the case of holidays booked within this period immediately upon receipt of the Company acceptance.

Payment not received by us eight weeks prior to departure will result in the booking being automatically cancelled without any prior notice and cancellation charges will be levied.

If payment is not received by the due date on the invoice, we cannot guarantee that the original accommodation booked will be available, if this is the case accommodation of an equivalent standard will be offered.


Some of the facilities in this brochure are not continually available, for instance, night-spots may close, bus and train schedules may be withdrawn due tolack of demand or because of localpublic holidays. At the beginning (April/beginning of May) and end (end of September/October) of the season not all facilities may be available at the hotels and apartments, for examplepools may not be open, entertainment reduced/cancelled etc. This is reflected in the price at this time.

Schedules may also be subject to alteration due to circumstances beyond our control. As a result of this it may be necessary for us to alter the contents on some of our holiday programmes. Where this happens no compensation can be offered.

Alterations To Your Holiday Booking By Us

Our holiday programme is compiled many months in advance and occasionally we have to make minor alterations to your arrangements, for example, amendments to your departure time or itinerary. In these unlikely cases we will contact you as soon as possible.

In the very unlikely event of a major change or cancellation becoming necessary, we will endeavour to contact you immediately, and in this event you will have the choice of accepting the alteration or purchasing another holiday from our Company, subject to space being available. Should you not wish to accept this offer we will arrange for all monies paid to be refunded.

We reserve the right to change hotels or accommodation or alter routes or resorts on any tour and at any time, should this become necessary and bookings will only be accepted on this understanding. If the alternative accommodation provided in these circumstances is of significantly lower standards than advertised in our brochures we will refund as compensation a reasonable proportion of the part of the holiday price paid in respect of accommodation but otherwise we will be under no obligation to you in respect of alteration in accommodation due to overbooking or deficiency in services or amenities beyond our control.

Occasionally at the beginning (April/beginning of May) and end (end of September/October) of the season, hotels and apartments may open/close, later/earlier than the dates advertised and we may be advised too late to contact you before departure. In these circumstances you will be transferred to equivalent accommodation and no compensation can be made.

If cancellation or alteration of your holiday is due to Ôforce majeureÕ, e.g. natural disasters, acts of God, war, civil strife, industrial disputes, adverse weather, and government actions, etc., we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and return all money paid but no compensatory payment will apply and our reasonable expenses can be deducted from such refund(s).

Alteration To Your Holiday Booking By You

It is not possible to change a named accommodation holiday from any Ferris brochure to a special offer or any late availability holiday. The company will do its best to arrange any variation by the clients in the planned holiday provided notice is received in writing from the person who signed the Booking Form NOT LATER THAN 8 WEEKS BEFORE THE PLANNED DEPARTURE DATE.

For all alterations the following rules apply.

All alterations have to be submitted in writing with the required amendment fee, to our head office address on the back page of this brochure.

To change the date of departure or the holiday accommodation, you will have to cancel the booked holiday, subject to the cancellation charges stated and re-book the required date or accommodation.

To change a name on the accommodation part of your booking after the reservation has been accepted is subject to the following amendment fees. More than eight weeks prior to departure £15 per person. Within eight weeks of departure £60 per person. To change a name on your flight reservation you will be required to do so directly with the airline which may also be subject to an amendment fee, the cost of which Ferris Holidays cannot be held responsible.

To remove insurance from an invoice either requested by yourselves or added by ourselves will require a £15 per person amendment fee.

Once a flight holiday has been accepted we will be unable to add any further passengers to your booking.

N.B. the person originally named on the booking form must not under any circumstances try to claim a refund from the insurance, otherwise full payment for the holiday will apply in addition.

If a member of a family or party booking cancels from the original booking the price of the holiday may increase.


Accommodation is used by all nationalities and we are not advised of the various ages of clients or whether large groups will be accommodated at any time. In peak periods the resorts and accommodation will be at maximum capacity with people enjoying their holidays and therefore can be very noisy.

Respect Your Holiday Home

Most of our holidays do not require a damage deposit. Should any equipment or furnishings at your holiday accommodation be lost or damaged during your stay, you will be expected to make a cash settlement for all necessary replacement/repair before leaving the resort. Also, as you can appreciate we do not own your holiday accommodation.

Should you cause any damage to, or make an unreasonable disturbance in, your holiday accommodation its proprietor may at his discretion seek to evict you. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage you suffer thereby. However we would endeavour to do all in our power to assist in these circumstances.

Ferris Holidays Limited reserve the right to withdraw any free drinks/fully inclusive facilities if the system is abused or in the event of unruly behaviour. The holiday may be curtailed for which we accept no liability and no compensation or refund will be made.


As with all companies the majority of complaints received are of a petty nature. Please bear in mind that we do not use 4 and 5 Star accommodation, we use tourist class accommodation which for the price you pay in relation to the standard of accommodation and transport represents good value for money. Every effort is made to make your holiday enjoyable. However, if you have cause to complain you should in the first instance report the complaint to reception at hotels or apartments. If the matter is not dealt with you should contact your resort representative or, if not available, telephone the contact number displayed in all hotels and apartments on the Ferris noticeboard (English speaking staff will be available). If the complaint cannot be resolved you should write to our Head Office within 28 days of your return home.


The Company makes every possible effort to ensure the comfort, convenience and enjoyment of the client during the whole period of the holiday. The holiday does however involve arrangements with hoteliers and other contractors over which the Company has no direct control.

Should a dispute arise between yourself and one of our contractors and/or suppliers we will endeavour to mediate to bring about an early resolve to any problem that may have arisen. All correspondence should be sent direct to us.

This does not apply to claims mainly in relation to bodily injury and/or death.

Timings and Delays

Flights are occasionally subject to delays and diversions due to technical reasons and weather conditions which are beyond our control and no compensation can be offered.

Similarly when a journey brings the arrival into resort after the first planned meal then no compensation for the missed meal can be offered and the included meals commence with the next scheduled meal. All timings quoted are approximate and subject to alteration.

Not Included in the Price

Meals on route, supplements as indicated, baths, afternoon teas, drinks with meals (except breakfast) gratuities, porterage of luggage and passengers transport between resort/air terminal and your accommodation unless booked through Ferris Holidays. Transport to and from the UK airport and all other items not specified are not included in the holiday costs such as optional excursions and refreshments etc.

On Arrival

On arrival there may not be a representative to welcome you to your hotel/apartment and you may not be allowed into your room straight away. This is to allow for cleaning of all rooms and apartments. You may have to wait until 2.00pm in hotels and 5.00pm in apartments.

Booking In

Please have your passport and holiday reservation ticket ready to book in. The receptionist will retain your passport for one day to extract necessary details. Your passport will be returned as soon as possible.

Remember there will be a lot of people around when you book in:



Hotels cater for all nationalities and meals may not be to everyone's palate, in some cases due to the climate the food is served at a lower temperature, but we believe that they are still good value for money. Vegetarians are not catered for but a salad or omelette may be an alternative choice.

Most of the comments we get back from our customers are about the food. Please remember, you are in a foreign country and although effort is made it is impossible to please everyone.

When in Resort

Ferris Holidays cannot be held responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all holidaymakers within your resort and within the accommodations.


Official Tourist Authority Classifications differ in each country to those in the UK, therefore the description used in our brochures and leaflets of 'hotel' does not necessarily differentiate between 'aparthotel', 'hostel', 'pension', 'residencia', 'taverna' etc.

Topping & Tailing

Small children may top and tail but the accommodation will comprise of one twin bedded room with extra bed/s added (room may be cramped).

If two rooms are required then two of the children must each pay full adult price.

Early and Late Season Facilities

Please note that at the beginning of the season (April/beginning of May) and end (end of September/October) not all facilities may be available at the hotels and apartments, for example pools may not be open, entertainment may be reduced or cancelled etc. This is reflected in the price at this time.

Returning Home

Please note that the rooms and apartments must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure. This is to allow staff to prepare rooms for new arrivals.


No servant or independent contractor to the Company other than a Director of the Company is authorised to vary or add to these Conditions or to make any representation or to promise that the Company will deal with any claim or complaint in a particular way. To be of any effect any alteration or variation representation or promise by a Director must be in writing and signed by him as such. All communications in connection with the contract or these conditions must unless otherwise stated herein be to the Company at this office. All notices shall be deemed to have been duly communicated to the client if sent to the person who signed the booking form at the address given therein or to the address of the agent through whom the booking came.

Continental Health Requirements

Clients are advised to obtain an EHIC card from their local post office or DHSS, this will prevent any delay with medical assistance, in the event of hospital treatment.

Please remember that your EHIC card will not cover any medical assistance received by a private doctor. Please contact your representative at the resort for further information.


Luggage restrictions are available directly from the appropriate airline for which the booking is held with.


If entertainment is featured in the hotel description, it does not mean functions will be provided on each night of the week. Hoteliers may cancel entertainment without prior notice. Hoteliers organise the programme which may be adapted for a specific nationality occupying the accommodation at the time.

Safety and Children

It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure that children do not travel in lifts alone, or are on balconies and surrounding areas of pools without adequate supervision. Hired equipment e.g. cots and highchairs will not usually conform to British Safety Standards and it is in your own interest to check the suitability before use.

Safety around the Pool

Hotel and apartment swimming pools in Spain are not as thoroughly regulated as our British swimming pools. Please be careful whilst using the swimming pools and remember:

  • No lifeguards are provided
  • Depths of the swimming pool are not displayed so never dive in the pools
  • Always follow any rules issued by the hotel
  • Since people drink around the pool be wary of any broken glass, and always inform reception in order for them to clean it up.


Ants, cockroaches and various insects may be evident. However, this is due to the climate rather than to unhygienic conditions. Various insect sprays can be purchased from supermarkets.

Smells and Odours

Spanish sewerage systems are not of the standard that you would find in Britain. When it rains heavily or gets very hot, smells and odours can occur.

Single Rooms

The supplement paid for a single room does not guarantee the size, location, facilities or standard of the room. The supplement payable is for your privacy only.

Errors and Omissions

Like all companies, both manual and computer errors can be made. If it is found that a price was wrongly quoted verbally or printed on the invoice, then the full amount will become payable at any time up to the departure date of the holiday once the discrepancy has been identified.

Your Financial Protection

For package holidays which do not include travel by air we have arranged a bond with ABTA. In the unlikely event of our insolvency, the Civil Aviation Authority or ABTA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. If you buy arrangements other than a package holiday, this financial protection does not apply.


If you choose alternative insurance we will not deal with other insurance companies as we do not have the staff or resources. Once your booking has been accepted, we must advise you that because we only employ the minimum of office and resort staff, we will not be able to assist with any claims if insurance is not taken through ourselves.

Once insurance has been requested through ourselves you can only remove it from your booking in writing from the lead name on the invoice.


If you have bought insurance through Ferris Holidays Limited you will receive with your invoice insurance application forms which must be completed and returned to our head office immediately. You should inform us of any medical conditions. If you have purchased alternative insurance then it is your responsibility to inform the insurance company of any medical conditions.

You will also need to take your EHIC card on your holiday which can be obtained from any Post Office.